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Ace Kristian Pascua, RN

Ace Kristian Pascua, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Carter

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

Coming from a family of nurses played a huge role in Ace Pascua’s decision to become a nurse, and he has continued to grow and develop throughout his 17-year nursing career.

“I pursued a nursing career out of practical reasons, such as job security, flexibility and good pay, however, with experience, along with guidance and mentorship from role models, I have developed a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation of the profession and its many intangible rewards,” Pascua says.

“Some of the best and most memorable moments for me have come from the most extreme of conditions and situations: Hurricane Sandy and the COVID-19 pandemic. Having witnessed colleagues press on and get the job done with resilience and fortitude despite the great risk, uncertainty, and cost to keep our patients and staff safe and cared for was remarkable.”

“My approach is centered around empathy, compassion, and providing the best possible care.”
Ace Pascua, Staff Nurse

“Nurses have been entrusted to care for those who are not at their best physically, mentally, and/or emotionally,” he points out. “Being professional, knowledgeable, skilled, attentive, mindful, and always aiming to do the job well, while still being able to inject some humor in the work environment are some of the most important traits I bring daily to my work.”

“I hope that my interactions create an environment of mutual trust, comfort, respect, open communication, and a sense that they have a dependable and competent advocate,” he adds. Pascua believes in the importance of continued learning. “The nursing profession will need to continue to adapt as the health care industry integrates newer technology,” he remarks, adding, “We must continue to enhance and update our knowledge and skills through workshops, continuing education, and advanced certifications, as well as supporting our evolving workforce in order to provide quality care and improved outcomes.

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