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Vendor Diversity Program

Our Program

NYC Health + Hospitals has developed a Vendor Diversity policy and program that maximizes opportunities for vendors by:

  • Scoring preferences for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs)
  • Conducting closed pool solicitations
  • Awarding discretionary purchases
  • Complete goal-setting analysis on competitively bid solicitations
  • Offering preferred payment terms for MWBEs
  • Working to build vendor capacity

For questions on MWBE Vendor Diversity Program, contact MWBE@nychhc.org

Our MWBE utilization has grown year over year. In Fiscal Year 2021, NYC Health + Hospitals:

  • Spent $419 million with diverse vendors
  • Achieved a 28 percent utilization rate
  • Contracted with 284 diverse vendors.

How We’ll Find You

The NYC Health + Hospitals Vendor Diversity Team proactively seeks MWBEs to participate in contracting. 

NYC Health + Hospitals does not maintain a vendor list. The best way to make sure the Vendor Diversity team can identify your company for appropriate opportunities is to keep your NYC MWBE directory vendor profile up to date, notably your contact information, business description and contracting history, which should reflect your most recent and largest contracts. If your company is identified as a potential fit, the Vendor Diversity team will email you a copy of the RFP at the email address listed in your NYC MWBE directory profile.  It is strongly recommended that you use a generic email address that can be monitored by multiple staff, rather than one individual’s unique email address.  For example, RFP@ABCinc.com, rather than John.Doe@ABCinc.com.

How You’ll Find Us

All NYC Health + Hospitals requests for proposals (RFPs) can be found at the NYC City Record Online. Please be sure to set up notifications if you’d like to get automatically notified of our RFPs.

MWBEs looking to find subcontracting opportunities should attend our RFP pre-proposal conferences. All RFPs have a mandatory pre-proposal conference, which our Vendor Diversity Team attends along with the RFP’s subject matter experts, and provides an opportunity for “match-making”.

How to Become Certified

If you think your business is eligible for MWBE certification by the City of New York (click here to view criteria) please reach out to SBS to get certified.  The City’s certification process usually takes just a couple of weeks.

Info for Non-MWBE Certified Contractors

NYC Health + Hospitals often asks non-MWBE certified contractors to subcontract with MWBE vendors.  The Vendor Diversity Team monitors these contracts for compliance with the agreed upon subcontracting goals through regular engagement and follow up.

If you are a non-MWBE vendor submitting a proposal we ask that you submit an MWBE Utilization Plan detailing the certified MWBEs you plan on using to meet your MWBE subcontracting goals, along with the scope of work for each subcontractor and the amount of anticipated spend.

If you are a contracted vendor looking to enter monthly compliance data please use this link to enter your Tier II spend.

Have a question?

The NYC Health + Hospitals vendor diversity team is prepared to help MWBEs do business with the system.  You can contact us at MWBE@nychhc.org with any questions.

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