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Abortion Care

NYC Health + Hospitals facilities offer abortion care (termination of pregnancy). Depending on various criteria seen below, this can be done by medication or procedure. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment.

To make an appointment to receive detailed counseling about your options, please call 1-844-NYC-4NYC.

Connect to ExpressCare

Virtual ExpressCare – Abortion Access
We are offering options counseling and medication abortion (termination of pregnancy) via telehealth, 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.  On-demand and no appointment needed to talk to a licensed provider from the comfort of your home. Receive counseling about your pregnancy options and abortion care in a confidential, judgement-free environment. Our providers will be able to prescribe you medication or set up any needed clinic visits for exams and treatment.

Visit Virtual ExpressCare to Talk-To-A-Provider Now or Call 718-360-8981.

When should you use ExpressCare?

  • If you have taken a pregnancy test and you are positive and are considering your options to end or continue your pregnancy.
  • You think you are pregnant and have questions about your options. We can also connect you with in-person services you may need.
  • You must be at least 15 years old to be eligible for telehealth medication abortion, meaning to receive the medication by mail.

What to Know About Your Visit

At your visit:

  • You’ll meet briefly with a telehealth agent who will connect you with your provider.
  • ExpressCare provides interpretation services in over 200 languages.
  • Your provider will discuss about your pregnancy options
  • If indicated, your provider will connect you with in-person services you may need, including an in-person physical exam, imaging, and testing.
  • Follow-up calls, prescriptions and counseling may all be provided via telehealth.

What does the treatment entail?

  • Treatment services include:
    • Pregnancy options counseling and patient education including patient intake
    • Telehealth medical abortion evaluation, eligibility check, and medication delivery, if desired and appropriate, delivered to you within 1 to 4 business days.
    • Connections to and facilitation of in-person care
    • Follow-up after abortion care, both routine and problem based.

Medication abortion (Pill abortion)
Medication can be used to end a pregnancy up to 11 completed weeks of pregnancy (77 days). In the current political climate, the legal aspect of the abortion is everchanging. We will adapt our protocols and medications as needed to comply with the law, continuing to offer safe and effective options based on research and science.

If mifepristone and misoprostol are available,

  • Mifepristone: You take the first medicine, mifepristone, in the office with us or at home.
  • Misoprostol (Cytotec™): You take a second medicine one or two days later at home. These two medications work together to safely and effectively end the pregnancy

If only misoprostol is available,

  • You take the first dose in the office with us or at home.  You take the second dose 3 hours later and the third dose three hours after that.  This medication safely and effectively ends the pregnancy.

During the process, you will experience strong cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding for several hours, followed by cramping and bleeding similar to a heavy period. After the medication abortion, it is normal to continue to have some spotting and/or light vaginal bleeding for approximately two weeks and sometimes up to a month.

You will need a follow-up appointment one to two weeks later to ensure that the abortion is complete. This can be done in person or by televisit (telephone visit).

You may ovulate as soon as two weeks after an abortion. If you would like to avoid future pregnancy, we can provide contraceptive options that are appropriate for you.

Counseling and support options are available to help you throughout the process.

Abortion Procedure
Abortion procedure options depend on the length of the pregnancy (gestational age) and other health considerations. Depending upon these factors, the abortion can be completed in a single visit or require more than one visit. We will explain your options and work with you to make a plan. We will also explain what you can expect during and after treatment.

Pain management options are available to you and may include:

  • Local anesthetic with numbing medication around your cervix
  • Oral or injectable medications to help you relax and to help control pain
  • Moderate sedation with intravenous (IV) medication
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia (available in the operating room)

Immediately after the procedure, it is normal to experience strong cramping and vaginal bleeding. During your recovery period, it is normal to experience bleeding similar to a period. Depending on the type of surgical abortion you receive, you may return to most normal activities as early as the day after the procedure.

You may ovulate as soon as two weeks after an abortion. If you would like to avoid future pregnancy, we can provide contraceptive options that are appropriate for you.

Counseling and support options are available to help you throughout the process.

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