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Emergency Services for Children & Adults

NYC Health + Hospitals provides comprehensive and compassionate emergency room care when you or a loved one need it most, regardless of anyone’s ability to pay.

We understand the patient impact of medical and psychiatric emergencies, and our health care team will see you quickly and diagnose any emergency. Six of our emergency departments are specially equipped to respond to the most challenging life-threatening situations.

How We Care for You

NYC Health + Hospitals has full-service emergency care departments staffed by experienced and caring physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care professionals for people of all ages.

Trauma Emergencies

Life-threatening traumatic injuries can happen anywhere and at any time and may be caused by car accidents, sports accidents, falls, physical assaults or gun violence. While many injuries can be treated at the nearest hospital’s emergency room, trauma injuries need specialized care immediately. That’s what NYC Health + Hospitals Regional Trauma Centers provide at one of six specialized trauma centers:

Pediatric Emergencies

NYC Health + Hospitals has emergency and trauma services for children in all 11 public hospitals.

Psychiatric Emergencies

NYC Health + Hospitals is ready when a psychiatric emergency happens. In fact, NYC Health + Hospitals has six specialized programs that provide a sensitive environment for the evaluation and treatment of any psychiatric emergency. Patients of any age are quickly assessed and referred to the appropriate psychiatric program for treatment at the following locations:

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NYC Health + Hospitals provides high-quality health care to all New Yorkers, regardless of their ability to pay. We’ll also help you find health insurance if you need it. Click here to learn more about MetroPlusHealth, our affordable and comprehensive health insurance plan.

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NYC Health + Hospitals provides emergency services at all of our hospitals and neighborhood health centers. We also offer specialized trauma and emergency psychiatric care centers. NYC Health + Hospitals can also help you avoid the emergency room and keep you healthy when you come in for regular check-ups. We have full wellness teams in every borough with extended hours that fit your busy schedule, dedicated to serving you and your family from the very first visit. 

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