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HIV is an infectious disease that, if left untreated, seriously compromises the immune system of affected individuals, causing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

There have been significant advancements in HIV treatment, making it possible for people living with HIV, who are in treatment and take their medication, to live long and healthy lives. Advances in HIV medication options make it possible for the majority of people to be on 1 pill a day. 

There are also newer injectable treatment options that allow some patients the flexibility to choose have their HIV treatment administered in clinic every 1-2 months, instead of taking daily medication. HIV medications can bring the amount of HIV virus in a person’s body to levels that are so small it cannot be detected. People who keep their HIV at an undetectable level cannot spread the virus sexually.

NYC Health + Hospitals HIV clinics are nationally and internationally recognized. We provide HIV prevention and treatment support, comprehensive care for people living with HIV and compassionate, specialized support services, regardless of a person’s ability to pay or immigration status.

How We Care for You

Our professional, discreet staff offers HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services for all New Yorkers. We routinely offer HIV testing to all patients 13 years of age or older following State and Federal guidelines.

HIV prevention is available at all of our clinics, including emergency medication that prevents infection after an exposure and oral or injectable prevention medication, taken prior to exposure, that stops you from getting HIV, if you are exposed.

For people living with HIV, our clinics have some of the highest-quality rankings in NYC. Our expert teams work with you to a develop care plan that reflects your unique needs and concerns, supporting your ability to live your healthiest life.

Getting Tested

HIV testing is a regular part of care at NYC Health + Hospitals. Getting an HIV test at your annual visit to your doctor or when you use emergency services supports early identification of HIV, opens opportunities for HIV prevention services and protects your health and the health of your partners.

HIV Prevention

NYC Health + Hospitals is committed to supporting efforts to end the HIV epidemic by expanding HIV prevention services and access to medications that can be used to prevent HIV transmission.

We offer:

  • PEP, an emergency medication taken after HIV exposure, is available at each of our 11 public hospitals.
  • PrEP services, medication taken before HIV exposure, are available at all 17 HIV clinics and from many primary care, adolescent and women’s health providers across the system. PrEP services are available regardless of insurance or immigration status.

Care and Treatment

NYC Health + Hospitals has been caring for New Yorkers living with HIV since the beginning of the epidemic. Our state-designated HIV/AIDS centers have expert HIV teams who get you the care you need, including:

  • HIV primary care for all stages of life
  • Support services and care management
  • Education and self-management support
  • HIV prenatal and delivery support
  • Integrated care including, OB/GYN, dental and mental health
  • Pharmacy services
  • Access to clinical trials
  • Connection to patient advocacy
  • Inpatient care
  • Long-term or home care

MetroPlusHealth, the NYC Health + Hospitals health plan, has the state’s largest HIV Special Needs Plan with comprehensive and targeted medical and support services for people living with HIV. While NYC Health + Hospitals provides high-quality health care to all New Yorkers, regardless of their ability to pay, we’ll also help you find health insurance if you need it. Click here to learn more about MetroPlusHealth.