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Vaccines: What You Should Know

Vaccines: What You Should Know

Vaccines are a safe and highly effective way to avoid many infectious diseases such as polio or measles. The NYC Health + Hospitals health care system recommends that you follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization schedule so that you and your loved ones won’t contract a preventable disease. Vaccines are also required in most cases for children to attend New York City public schools.
And remember to get the flu vaccine annually for you and your family members. Flu is highly contagious and kills thousands of people in the U.S. every year, particularly young children and the elderly. Each year a new flu vaccine is produced to fight the different strains of influenza that are expected to be commonly found that season. Flu vaccines are available free of charge at NYC Health + Hospitals facilities. They are also often available at local pharmacies or urgent care centers in your neighborhood, where they may charge a fee that is usually covered by health insurance.

Talk to your doctor about vaccines:

  • Your doctor or pediatrician should discuss vaccines with you. If he or she doesn’t, ask about them.
  • Vaccines aren’t only for children. If you weren’t vaccinated as a child you can receive those vaccines now. Ask your primary care physician about yourself and other adults in your family.
  • Get a record of vaccines that you and your family members received so you know your vaccination status. This is especially helpful if you change doctors or often see different doctors.

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