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Press Releases

HHC Community Based Health Centers Reorganize into One Organization with Federal Health Center Designation

Designation Brings Prominence to Outpatient Network; Strengthens HHC's Transformation from Hospital-Centric Care to Community-Based, Patient-Centered Ambulatory Care

Jan 29, 2015

New York, NY

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) President and CEO, Ram Raju M.D., today announced the reorganization of 39 HHC health centers and clinics into one new community health center designated by the federal government.  The new organization, Gotham Health, Inc. was approved yesterday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for Federally-Qualified Health Center Look-Alike designation.
The new Gotham Health organization will include HHC’s six large Diagnostic and Treatment Centers and 33 smaller primary care community and school based clinics that serve more than 140,000 New Yorkers annually in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan.  The new designation will qualify HHC for nearly $30 million in additional Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement annually that will be reinvested to boost preventive health practices and keep communities healthy.
“This designation demonstrates the prominent role of our health care system’s large outpatient care network and supports HHC’s ongoing transformation to keep preventive care and wellness as the centerpiece of organizational culture,” said HHC President Dr. Ram Raju.  “The additional federal funding will further support our strategic goals to expand access to geographically convenient and culturally-sensitive healthcare services for all New Yorkers, strengthen our ability to keep New Yorkers healthy and make the necessary shift from sick care to true health care.”
“As the country’s focus moves more and more toward prevention, primary care and health education, having outpatient facilities all under one umbrella organization presents an amazing opportunity to identify and standardized our approach to promote healthy practices, lifestyles and communities,” said Walid Michelen, M.D., Gotham Health CEO and Chief Medical Officer.
The health centers that received the federal designation include:

The Gotham Health organization has an independent Board of Directors made up by consumers and representatives of the communities served. The board will provide governance and oversight to help standardized practices under the new umbrella group.  HHC will continue to serve as the employer for the Gotham Health, Inc. center’s staff.  This unique relationship facilitates compliance with federal FQHC requirements while ensuring a seamless transition for patients and communities served by HHC’s integrated system of emergency and trauma care, hospitals, mental health services, nursing homes and home care agency.