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Civil Service Exam Process

At NYC Health + Hospitals, we fill many of our jobs through the civil service system. If you’re interested in a civil service job, please review the process for application and selection.

Civil Service Examination Process

New York City’s civil service process is guided by New York State Civil Service Law, which ensures that the hiring process is competitive and fair. The process begins with employment examinations that measure a potential candidate’s merit and fitness for a particular title. In some instances, taking an exam is the beginning of a hiring process that may lead to employment with NYC Health + Hospitals.

Before the NYC Civil Service Exam

The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) schedules and administers our civil service exams. If you have questions about exams, test dates or other exam-related issues, please visit DCAS at DCAS Civil Service Jobs.

You may contact the DCAS Application Unit by emailing OASys@dcas.nyc.gov. You should include your confirmation number for questions regarding your online application.

To obtain information on any examination for which you have already applied, but not yet received results, please email DCAS via the following link: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/about/contact-us.page.

If you have already taken an exam and received your official score and list number, read about what to expect after the NYC civil service exam.

Interested in learning more about the civil service exams?

  • Visit DCAS Civil Service Exam Information to view Notices of Examination (NOE) and scheduled exams or to apply for an exam.
  • Please note that exams for NYC Health + Hospitals titles will include “HHC” in the title, for example, Carpenter (HHC). HHC stands for “Health and Hospitals Corporation.”

Need to log into your DCAS OASys (City of New York Online Application System) account?

Already applied for an exam, but haven’t received your admission card and/or test date?

  • Go to the “After Applying for an Exam” section on the DCAS Civil Service Exam Information page.
  • If you have moved and need to change your address with DCAS, please download and complete the Data Correction Form PDF. Follow the instructions on the form for submitting it.

After the NYC Civil Service Exam

After you take an exam, DCAS will send you a Notice of Result card including your score and list number. If you have any questions at this point, please e-mail our Office of Certification and Examinations at OCE@nychhc.org. Please be sure to include your name, exam title and list number in your email.

Has your address changed since you received your Notice of Result card from DCAS?

  • Please download and complete the Change of Address Form (HHC 2843) to inform us. Email it as an attachment to OCE@nychhc.org.

Are you interested in restoring your name to a list?

What happens now that I’m on the list?

  • Candidates on the eligible list will be called in list number order to attend hiring pools and interview for available positions.
  • Please be sure to keep your contact information updated with the Office of Certifications and Examinations to receive important notifications.

Civil Service Examination FAQ

Where can I find out more about applying for
NYC Health + Hospitals civil service exams online?

Visit the DCAS FAQs for Application for information on applying for exams online using the city’s Online Application System (OASys).

How long does it take to receive results for a civil service exam?

Generally, it can take anywhere from six months to one year for the results of an exam administered by DCAS to be published. Please note that NYC Health + Hospitals does not have these results until you receive your official Notice of Result.

Does passing a civil service exam mean that I will get a job with NYC Health + Hospitals?

Not necessarily. Passing candidates will be placed on an eligible list in score number order for use in filling job vacancies in the exam title across our facilities. We will then call candidates in score number order to attend hiring pools, where they will have the opportunity to interview for vacant positions.

What is a hiring pool?

We use civil service hiring pools to fill job vacancies at our facilities in competitive titles for which an eligible list is available. Eligible list candidates will be scheduled to attend hiring pools to interview with facility representatives for job opportunities.

What do I do if my address changes?

If your address changes after you have filed for an exam but before you receive your Notice of Result, you must change your address with DCAS either by:

  • Sending a letter stating your social security number, exam title, exam number, old address and new address to:
    DCAS Examining Service Section
    Attention: Record Room
    1 Centre Street
    14th Floor South
    New York, NY 10007; or
  • By downloading, completing and submitting a Data Correction Form to DCAS, following the instructions on the form.

If your address changes after you have received your Notice of Result, you must change your address with NYC Health + Hospitals by downloading and completing the Change of Address Form(HHC 2843) and submitting it either by:

Please note that changing your address with DCAS after you receive your results will not change your address with NYC Health + Hospitals.

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