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We offer a wide range of outpatient primary and specialty medical services. To schedule an appointment to be seen by one of our highly qualified staff members, please call our centralized appointment center at 212-423-7000.

As a new patient, you will be asked to arrive an hour before your first scheduled appointment in order to register at the Outpatient Welcome Center, located on the hospital’s first floor. Please help us help you as quickly as possible by making sure you bring the following documents listed below. If you have questions or concerns about your documents, please call our Business Center at 212-423-7546.

  • Picture identification
    Documents accepted: passport, resident alien card, driver’s license/permit. For children, a birth certificate with parent’s identification will be accepted.
  • Address verification
    Documents accepted: driver’s license/permit, utility bill (electric, gas, or phone), rent receipt, recently postmarked letter addressed to patient (or parent if patient is a minor), written statement from primary resident if it is not you.
  • Proof of income
    Documents accepted: three (3) consecutive recent pay stubs, letter from employer on company letterhead indicating salary, previous year’s income tax return with W-2 form, tax ID if self-employed. If unemployed or not working: current unemployment benefit letter, letter of support from person providing support, Human Resources Administration (HRA) letter.

If you have qualified health insurance, please make sure to bring your health insurance card. Financial representatives are available to determine eligibility into special free or low cost insurance programs if needed. Metropolitan welcomes everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, immigration status, or ability to pay. When providing services, we are not required to report patient information to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.