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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy focuses on improving the quality of life of their patients through a team approach in order to help individuals of all ages regain a sense of self-respect, self-confidence, and independence. We treat conditions ranging from nerve, muscle, joint, and bone problems that affect patients’ mobility to other disabling illnesses that cause a patient to decline from their prior level of function. Our department stresses disease education and one of our main goals is for our patients to be independent in a home exercise program (HEP).

The department is made up of Physiatrists (Rehabilitation Physicians), Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Audiologists.

Prosthetic/Orthotic Practice

This clinic specializes in the evaluation of patients with the need for orthoses (braces) or prostheses (artificial limbs) to help improve their ambulation and activities of daily living. The physicians in the clinic also ensure that the device fits and functions properly and that the needed follow-up care is arranged.

Geriatric Rehabilitation Practice

This clinic concentrates on the needs of the geriatric patient, with a specific focus on decreasing the risk of falls in our geriatric population. Our physicians will evaluate, educate, and prescribe the necessary assisted devices (cane, walkers, etc.), adaptive equipment (bathroom equipment, etc.), and therapeutic interventions to improve the geriatric patient’s quality of life and decrease their risk for falls.

Interventional Physiatry Practice

This clinic specializes in combining the use of therapeutic exercises and modalities together with injections and medications for a variety of medical conditions ranging from orthopedic conditions, including joint and muscle problems, to neurologic and other debilitating diseases.