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Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Services

NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem is pleased to announce that the Bariatric Surgery program has been designated a MBSAQIP Accredited-Comprehensive Center.

Bariatric surgery may be your solution for long-term weight loss. We know that being overweight isn’t about a lack of willpower. We regard obesity as a treatable medical condition and provide a full range of support services. We genuinely care about your success.

The MBSAQIP Accredited-Comprehensive Center at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem provides you with surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. Many of our patients experience more than just long-term weight reduction, they experience a significant improvement in their health.

Health concerns, including diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, heart disease, and depression often improve after weight loss. Also, patients gain a new, more positive outlook on life, and experience a lifestyle they only dreamed of having before. Through dietary counseling, behavior modification, exercise, support groups, and bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery), we do more than help reduce the weight of patients bodies. We help them change their lives.

Members of our team assist you from your first contact with us and for as long as you need our support. We help you understand your insurance plan’s requirements, provide pre-surgery or medical consultations, medical and surgical procedures, hospital care, follow-up care, exercise recommendations, counseling, and support groups. Our well-trained professional team is sensitive to your special needs and educated about your medical condition. Our board certified physicians surgeons, psychologists, social workers, registered dietitians, nurses, and other consulting specialists are all dedicated to helping you achieve success.

Being significantly overweight has emotional, financial, and social consequences. Some overweight individuals experience psychological stress, reduced income, and discrimination. You will find our staff to be sensitive and supportive. We will treat you with the respect you deserve. You may rest assured that your weight and other health information will be held in strict confidence.

When you become a patient of the MBSAQIP Accredited-Comprehensive Center at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, you will be involved in every aspect of your care as our team of medical professionals supports your weight loss goals in a compassionate, professional way. We are here to help you. Every patient is respected for their individuality, and care will be provided in a manner that is sensitive to your special needs.

All of our surgeons are Board Certified and our world-class staff goes the extra mile to insure that you will be treated with genuine warmth and caring thoughtfulness. We allow the extra time to talk to you and support you throughout your treatment.

We invite you call us today or to visit our facility to learn how we can support you in reaching your weight loss goals.

For more information contact the Bariatric Clinic at 212-939-8360.