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NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem HIV Services

People living with HIV can lead long and healthy lives by taking medicines that keep the virus undetectable. People who maintain an undetectable viral load for at least six months cannot transmit HIV though sex.

This is known as “Undetectable equals Untransmittable,” or “U=U.”

Retention and Adherence Program (RAP)

The NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem Retention and Adherence Program (RAP) helps people living with HIV/AIDS achieve viral load suppression, so they become Undetectable.

Who’s eligible for RAP services

  • Newly diagnosed with HIV
  • HIV+ known individuals with unsuppressed viral load

RAP helps patients by

  • Obtaining medical insurance for HIV visits and medication
  • Keeping them engaged in care via reminder calls and missed appointment follow up.
  • Providing medication adherence education, support and monitoring

HIV Treatment

HIV Treatment is safer and more effective than ever. Antiretroviral medicines do not cure HIV infection or remove the virus from the body, but, when taken as prescribed, they can stop the virus from multiplying.

The sooner a person living with HIV starts treatment, the less damage the virus can do to their body. Medicine can reduce the virus in the body to such a low level that it does not show up on tests and cannot be passed through sex. This is known as an undetectable viral load.

If you have HIV that is undetectable, you cannot pass it through sex, even if you do not use condoms. Condoms can still help protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy.


NYC Health + Hospital/Harlem
Harlem Family Center Clinic
Location: 15 West 136 Street
2nd Floor


212-939- 8251 or 212- 939-3911


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