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Centers of Excellence

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County offers quality specialty services for the health needs of Central Brooklyn’s diverse communities and neighborhoods. Our Centers of Excellence include services to people with diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and those who suffer life-threatening injuries.

Heart Health Center

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County’s Heart Health Center, located in the “C” Building, 2nd Floor, Wing C-2100, provides heart failure patients with comprehensive services to improve heart health and maintenance in a community-based setting. The center is staffed by a full-service heart health team, including cardiologists, clinical psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, clinical pharmacy specialists, and social workers. Heart failure patients can meet with a doctor, be tested—same-day echocardiograms are available—and receive the doctor’s treatment recommendations based on the test results—all under one roof in one visit.


Diabetes Resource Center

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County has a specially designed Diabetes Center and a program which includes education about good nutrition. Located in the “B” Building, 9th Floor, the Center even has a demonstration kitchen so patients can learn how to cook foods that bring them the best health. Our Certified Diabetes Specialists offers education on diabetes risk factors using a variety of teaching methods, including culturally sensitive educational materials, brochures and videotapes, to help patients manage their disease. Instruction is in English and educational materials are available in the languages most commonly spoken by our patients.

Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence

The Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence evaluates patients for Parkinson’s disease and related disorders. NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County is the only public hospital in the world to be designated as a Center of Excellence by the National Institutes of Health for exploring neuroprotection, a form of therapy which aims to slow the progression of the disease.

Our goal is to help patients adjust their lives so that living with long-term effects of Parkinson’s disease is easier for everyone. To ensure consistent, ongoing care, patients are seen by the same physician at each clinic visit.

Stroke Center

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County has been designated by the State of New York as a specialized stroke center. All patients with suspected stroke are evaluated rapidly in the Emergency Department, and appropriate treatment is started immediately. We have a team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, emergency physicians, nurses and physical therapists who are experienced in the treatment of stroke. This team approach reduces the risk of death and of permanent disability.

Trauma Center

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County has one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in the entire five boroughs and some of the newest operating rooms and radiology facilities in the City. Our trauma/critical care surgeons are among the most skilled and experienced in the city.

Trauma services we typically perform include industrial and on-the-job accidents, domestic accidents, poisoning, and initial and resuscitative measures in burn care.