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2020-2021 Fellows

2020-2021 Fellows

Barry Smith, MD
Emergency Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
Email: smithb8@nychhc.org

Boucari Massouhoudou Sow, RN
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
Email: sowb@nychhc.org

Carolina Camacho, MD
Emergency Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/ Kings County
Email: camachoc5@nychhc.org

Dajelyn Diaz, BA
Assistant Director of Operations
NYC Health + Hospitals/Simulation Center
Email: diazd20@nychhc.org

Dana Trottier, MA, LCAT, RDT/BCT
Creative Arts Therapist-L III
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County
Email: Dana.Trottier@nychhc.org

David Feliciano, MD
NYC Health + Hospitals/ Elmhurst
Email: Feliciad@nychhc.org

Guirlene Dube, RN
Supervisor of Nurses
NYC Health + Hospitals/ Elmhurst
Email: Dubeg@nychhc.org

Laci Manjola, RN
Assistant Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi
Email: Laci.Manjola@nychhc.org

Victoria Amankwa, MD
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
Email: Victoria.Amankwa@nychhc.org

Zunilda Camacho, RN
Associate Director of Nursing
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln
Email: Zunilda.Camacho@nychhc.org

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