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2023-2024 Fellows

2023-2024 Fellows

Adrielle Asantewaa El-Dyson Otoo, CNM
NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx
Email:  Adrielle.Ofosu@nychhc.org

Andrea Greene, MD
Attending Physician
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
Email: greenea5@nychhc.org

Antoinette Charles, RN
Associate Director Nursing Behavioral Health
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County
Email: ANTOINETTE.CHARLES@nychhc.org

Chinyere Ogbonna, RN
Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
Email: OGBONNAC@nychhc.org

Debayan Guha, MD
Attending Physician
NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi
Email: guhad@nychhc.org

James Knight, RT
Director of Respiratory Care
NYC Health + Hospitals/Woodhull
Email: James.Knight@nychhc.org

James Villamater, RN
Head Nurse – Emergency Pediatrics
NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue
Email: VILLAMJ1@nychhc.org

Kiran Ashraf, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing
NYC Health + Hospitals/King County
Email: ashrafk@nychhc.org

Marie Previl, RN
Supervisor of Nurses – Health/Home Care
NYC Health + Hospitals/Community Health
Email: Marie.Previl@nychhc.org

Priya Dhagat, MS, MLS(ASCP) CM, CIC
Associate Director of System Special Pathogens Program
NYC Health + Hospitals/Emergency Management
Email: dhagatp@nychhc.org

Rochelle Mercer, LMSW
Associate Director of Social Work
NYC Health + Hospitals/Central Office
Email: mercerr@nychhc.org

Sandra Thompson, RT
Associate Respiratory Therapy
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
Email: Sandra.Thompson@nychhc.org

Sean Paul Carleton, MA, LCAT, RDT
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County
Email: carletos@nychhc.org

Sepideh Mehri, MD, MAS-PSHQ
Attending Physician
NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue
Email: Sepideh.Mehri@nychhc.org

Stephany Jaramillo, MD
Attending Physician
NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health
Email: jaramils1@nychhc.org

Virginia Fioribello, CNM
NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi
Email: Virginia.Fioribello@nychhc.org

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