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Preparing for Surgery

At the Jacobi Bariatric Surgery Center, the process starts with attending an informational session. At this session we outline background information about bariatric surgery, provide the details of our program, and answer questions.

To read documents from the session, click here: English or Español.

The next steps before Bariatric Surgery include:

  • Make an appointment for your first clinic visit.
  • Fill out a questionnaire (English or Español) regarding your medical and surgical history, previous weight loss efforts, any current symptoms and any medications you take. This is extremely important so that we can prepare you safely for surgery.
  • Attend 1-3 monthly sessions with our staff dietician, and an evaluation with our psychologist. These are required for all patients.
  • See a general medical provider for a preoperative assessment, and may be referred to see specialists like heart or lung doctors depending on your individual medical conditions.

Approval for surgery is decided on by the entire team before the procedure is scheduled. When you are ready to schedule your procedure, you will meet with one of our surgeons.

Two weeks before surgery, we instruct you to follow a special diet. You can access the preoperative diet instructions in English or Español. Shortly before your surgery date, you will attend a preoperative group class.

You must quit smoking prior to undergoing bariatric surgery. Smoking greatly increases your risk of surgical and postoperative complications. We can provide resources to help you quit.