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Did you know that NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi has earned prestigious designation by the American College of Surgeons as a Level 1 Trauma Center?

Our physicians are highly-trained specialists in Emergency and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Our teams of trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and pediatric surgeons provide expert care for all kinds of injuries.

The Jacobi Snakebite Center is a highly specialized program founded in the early 80’s in cooperation with herpetologists at The Bronx Zoo. Jacobi treats 5 to 10 patients a year who have snakebite injuries serious enough to merit treatment with antivenom. Note that this treatment is not without risk. A victim of a cobra bite might well die of respiratory failure if not treated quickly with life support and specific antivenom . In the NYC area this is available only at Jacobi.

The Jacobi Hyperbaric Medicine Service provides care for both inpatient and ambulatory patients in a large facility featuring a spacious, 23-foot long chamber. This room-like chamber is one which patients and medical support staff can actually walk into. It can comfortably accommodate up to nine patients at a time. Operating around the clock, the Hyperbaric Medicine Service provides life-saving care for burn victims and smoke inhalation injuries. In addition, Jacobi is the designated New York City Referral Center for the Diver’s Alert Network, providing emergency care for decompression sickness. It also treats patients suffering from gas gangrene and acute air embolism, and is widely used on an elective basis to promote wound healing from radiation injuries, compromised skin grafts, diabetic ulcers, and osteomyelitis.

We even have our own private helipad, where helicopters from all over the tri-state area fly in patients needing the specialized services Jacobi can provide.