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Clinical Research

NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln is conducting over 120 approved research studies. These studies include various health disciplines to address important health priorities in the Bronx such as:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Community-based Participatory Research
  • Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Minority Population Health Issues
  • Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Pediatric Disorders
  • Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Surgical Methods
  • Women’s Health

To learn more about these research studies, please contact the Center for Clinical Research at 718-579-6067.

For all questions related to the ethical conduct of research studies, please contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office at 718-579-5339.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln is committed to preserving the public’s trust that research is conducted without bias and with the highest scientific and ethical standards. We strive to continuously strengthen the processes to promote integrity of research efforts by following all applicable federal (42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F and 45 CFR Part 94), state and local policies and regulations in managing financial conflicts of interest of researchers.

Financial Conflict Of Interest (FCOI) Disclosures

As per federal guidelines, all research investigators are required to disclose any financial conflict of interest they may have with their research projects, clinical trials or studies initially, annually and/or as when such issues may arise. All such disclosures, actions and their resolutions are updated on a quarterly basis, or as and when such issues arise, to assure the public and sponsoring agencies of our commitment to promoting quality and objectivity in research in the best interest of the human research participants.

Lincoln has adopted updated policies and procedures for review, approval, disclosure and reporting of FCOI and Significant Financial Interest (SFI) according to federal regulations. In accordance with these regulations, all principal investigators’ SFI is reported and updated regularly.

SFI Report:   There are no significant financial interest disclosures to report on current active studies at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln.

SFI report last updated on: January 31, 2019