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The Child Advocacy Center is dedicated to the evaluation and care of abused and neglected children. Our clinical based program is located within a private child-friendly area in the hospital where multidisciplinary professionals meet with children and their families.

The Center’s goal is to perform a comprehensive physical evaluation of each child and psychosocial assessments of their family with minimal re-interviewing to reduce the potential for additional trauma. A specific health care plan is developed for the child’s individual needs.

We are staffed by pediatricians, nurses and social workers specifically trained to interview, examine, and treat at-risk children and adolescents. The evaluation includes a comprehensive examination devoted to well child care and forensic screening. We provide follow-up care in order to resolve any medical issues the child may have. Testing for a STD, including HIV screening is available with the assistance of pediatric HIV counselors.

Our program accepts referrals from any agency or individual.

Psychosocial Evaluation

Each family is interviewed by a forensic social worker, and when indicated, an ACS liaison. After the initial visit, the child will return for three visits with a psychology intern to do crisis management. If there is a need for continued supportive psychological counseling, our staff will arrange all referrals and will follow-up on all of our recommendations.

Effective Parenting Program

A bilingual parenting skills educational program is available to the general public. The goal of the 10 session program is to help educate parents about normal childhood development and behavior management. Stressors such as domestic violence, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), etc. are emphasized so that proper parenting is enforced and the risk of abuse or neglect is minimized.

Multidisciplinary Evaluations

In order to minimize the re-victimization of a child, our child advocacy team works with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, Special Victims Squad, and Administration for Children’s Services. We are a member of the National Children’s Alliance and the Bronx Multi-Disciplinary Team.

For additional information or to make a referral, please call 718-579-5446.