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Patient Health Education and Outreach Programs


  • The Viva Mujer (Long Live Women) Program is designed to provide outreach, patient navigation and screening services for breast and cervical cancer to uninsured women.
  • The Viva los Hombres program is addresses the needs of minority men who face and experience significant barriers to prostate cancer screening, including cost and lack of insurance coverage and socio-cultural barriers.
  • The For You, For Life! Colon Cancer Screening and Outreach Program is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative community based strategies that promote screening access for colon cancer.
  • Moving for Life Cancer fatigue related exercise, offered every Monday afternoon at 1:00pm.
  • New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program: The program provides reimbursement for breast, cervical and colon cancer screening for the uninsured.
  • Fast Track Intervention System (FTIS): The goal of the FTIS is to reduce patient harm by expediting and streamlining the process from suspicion imaging to treatment of cancer.
  • Home Visit Program: The team reach out to patients to identify barriers that may prevent them from completing the follow-up process after an abnormal diagnosis. The outreach team visits patients’ homes who are identified with high risk results after multiple attempts by phone, telegram, and letters have failed.

Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Our clinic provides services that help cancer survivors live well after cancer treatment. Patients receive psychosocial, nutritional and oncology evaluations, which may help manage the physical and emotional changes they may experience after cancer treatment. It entails reviewing the cancer diagnosis and treatment, consulting with doctors who diagnosed and treated the cancer, and identifying and creating management strategies to help patients cope with the physical, emotional and social effects of cancer and its treatment. The clinic assesses patients’ risk of other cancers and, if needed, refers them for cancer screening services. It recommends ways to improve their health through nutrition, exercise, weight management and stop smoking programs.

Food Pantry Program

The Food to Overcome Outcomes Disparities (FOOD) Program, initiated by the Center for Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, addresses cancer patients’ nutritional and quality of life needs. A dedicated food pantry was established that allows patients to pick up nutritious food supply during their treatment appointments.

American Cancer Society Look Good Feel Better Group Workshop

Lincoln participates in this workshop. Patients who participate in the workshop receive a detailed description and demonstration of the 12-step skin care and makeup program. Instructions and options are offered on:

  • Hair loss, including wigs (types/care), turbans, and scarves, and nail care.
  • Helpful suggestions on clothing and ways to use flattering colors and shapes are discussed too.

All patients participating in a group workshop receives a free kit of cosmetics.

Mother’s Day Campaign

The campaign provides free screening mammograms, colonoscopies and pap smears for eligible women.

Father’s Day Campaign

The campaign provides eligible men with free screenings for colonoscopies and PSAs.

Breast Cancer Survivors Support Groups

The groups are offered in Spanish and English, the Latina Share for Spanish speaking survivors and Love Your Breasts for English speaking survivors.

Cancer Survivor Awareness Month: October

This annual campaign offers month long educational activities to raise awareness of cancer and screening and offer opportunities to be screened. Activities include the Kick Off, Bake Sales, “Wear Pink” day, walk-in mammograms, free screenings on designated days. The month culminates with an annual Cancer Awareness Walk held at Orchard Beach.