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Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Services Program (CPEP).

CPEP offers 24-hour services in the Psychiatric Emergency Department. Individuals are assessed first by a nurse, then a physician and treatment decisions are made regarding care. Based on each individual’s needs, treatment is initiated and a referral for additional outpatient services is made, or the patient is admitted to one of the inpatient behavioral health units. The CPEP also offers an extended observation unit for patients who need crisis stabilization without requiring inpatient admission, Pastoral care and specialized care for those who are mentally and physically disabled is also available, Patients who need urgent care but not admission can walk in for an evaluation. Family members and patients are treated with kindness and respect and are counseled and connected with services. Emergency services can be reached at (718) 883-3575.

Mobile Crisis Unit.

Mental health professionals, family or community members concerned about a loved one’s mental health can call the mobile crisis unit (a component of CPEP). A team consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist and social worker can call or visit the home or workplace and make an on-site assessment. The team can help link the patient to treatment and provide emergency evaluation and treatment if needed. Please call (718) 883-4070 for assistance.

Inpatient Services.

Inpatient services are available for patients suffering from acute psychiatric symptoms. The patient is treated in a safe, therapeutic environment by experienced, caring staff. A diagnosis and treatment plan is initiated and continued and updated by physicians and other mental health professionals during the hospital stay. Because of the nature of psychiatric illness, it may take several days to stabilize the patient. The entire multidisciplinary staff gets to know each patient and devotes themselves to making sure the patient receives the best overall care. Social workers meet with family members and the community to ensure each patient will have a safe place to continue treatment after release.

Consultation Service.

A psychiatric team is on staff to provide services to those who are in the hospital for medical conditions. Patients who show psychiatric symptoms or who want to talk to a psychiatrist can be evaluated, receive treatment and referrals for other services.

Adult Outpatient Services.

Outpatient services are available to help reduce symptoms, manage stress and improve the patient’s ability to function in the community. We offer services to address the needs of patients facing a wide range of problems from marital and bereavement issues to copying with symptoms of severe mental illness. Our goal is to help the patient stay active in their community. A thorough assessment is done by our multidisciplinary team. Each patient is assigned a primary therapist for treatment. For patients requiring medication, a psychiatrist is also assigned to work collaboratively with the patient and therapist. We offer a variety of outpatient treatment options including individual, group or family therapy as well as marital and multi-family group therapy. For more information, please call (718) 883-2725 .

Partial Hospital Program

This six-week program offers a warm, respectful and supportive environment for patients who do not need hospitalization but need help managing and stabilizing symptoms. Patients meet daily to improve their ability to control illness and manage symptoms. The patients and their families work together with our team and peer counselors to learn how to remain stable, understand medications and to set personal, social and vocational goals. For more information, please call (718) 883-2840.

Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT).

A highly successful program recognized by New York State, ACT was developed to deliver treatment to patients with persistent mental illness who are unable or unwilling to participate in traditional models of care in the community. A multidisciplinary team of doctors and mental healthcare workers work together to assess patients and provide services to patients at home, in shelters or wherever the patient chooses. The goal is to help the patient remain in the community and prevent hospitalization. For more information, please call (718) 883-6561 .

Child and Adolescent Clinic.

The Clinic offers services such as individual, group and family therapy and medication management for children ages 3 to 17 who have behavioral problems, depression, anxiety disorders, hyperactivity or who have suffered physical or sexual abuse. Treatments help children develop and increase social skills, manage symptoms and relieve anxiety and stress. Parents are counseled and educated on practical parenting techniques and behavior modification techniques to assist in the treatment of the child. Helpful advice is offered by experienced, caring mental health professionals. For more information, please call (718) 883-2700.

On-Site School Program.

This highly successful program has been operating in New York City public schools for more than 20 years. We are currently running the program in several schools in the Jamaica, Queens area. Students who need help with behavioral issues, hyperactivity, depression or anxiety can receive therapy during regular school hours. Medication management is also provided if needed. The onsite psychologist assesses the student, the psychologist, parents and the child’s teacher work together to help each child. Because the team is in the school, the psychologist can observe the child and quickly make changes in the treatment plan. This program is funded by the New York City Department of Mental Health. For more information, please call (718) 883-2700.