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Cardiology Clinic

The Cardiac Clinic is a welcome addition to the vast array of healthcare options offered at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens.

The Cardiac Clinic incorporates a novel approach to treatment: preventive care is the wave of the future in treating heart disease. By managing patients with specific risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol levels, obesity and family history of premature heart disease, it is believed that these patients can learn to take charge of their health and decrease their chances of experiencing a heart attack. A patient is therefore identified as being at risk for having a heart attack before it happens.

The new clinic features the latest technology in screening patients for existence of blockages in arteries of the heart, including calcium scoring using CT scans. A patient educator who is also a certified diabetes educator helps set self-management goals for patients with pre-diabetes or diabetes, and teaches them the importance of diet and exercise. The hospital’s Smoking Cessation Program also is available for those patients who need help to quit.

Those patients with risk factors for heart disease are also at risk for heart failure with no accompanying symptoms. Performing routine echocardiograms for selected high-risk patients can lead to better outcomes through early intervention. Patients will also be screened for sleep apnea, a temporary suspension of breathing during sleep, which can be a risk factor for developing high blood pressure, heart failure and heart attack.

The Cardiac Clinic will also serve as a patient’s primary care provider. An internist with several years experience in treating cardiac patients will assist in its operation. Patients can receive preventive cardiologic and routine care all in one visit.

To make an appointment at the Cardiac Clinic, please call 718-883-4515.